About Us


OSMANLI TAKI by Celali, a company based in Istanbul, Turkey provides an extensive line of finely crafted fashion jewelry products manufactured  in Turkey with the vast majority of its sales coming from Europe and Canada.  The company's products which include necklaces, medallions, bracelets, rings, earrings and belts, feature a signature organic, unpolished and bold design resembling that of historical jewelry and accessories displayed during the Ottoman era.  Apart from its Ottoman style, the company's product line is modeled after ancient Greek, Egyptian, African and Turkish designs based on a heritage passed down from our ancestors from generation to generation but modernized and customized to achieve a new style.

The company now offers its unique product line to the American market to share its rich heritage and success as a highly regarded supplier of finely crafted jewelry products for more than thirty years.  The company has recently decided to showcase its product line by combining ornamented extraordinary, modern day models with historical and artistic textures allowing the full meaning and authenticity of the jewelry to be expressed.

Our products contain, silver, zinc and a number of other metals.  They DO NOT contain coated Nickel and Lead.  All products carry a full money back guarantee that they will not turn or tarnish for the life of the product.

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